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Web Designing: We are willing to do your own design…           Web Developing: We would like to develop your website and the cheapest rate…           Web Creations: We create your company website dynamically or statically also your own design…           Domain Registration: Cheapest Rates for one year…           Web Hosting: Cheapest Rates for one year contract and Free updating…           Any kind of Graphic Design: Cheapest Rates of Name Card, Letter Head, Banner Design, Digital Printing and etc …



Web Maintenance

Do you own a website but rarely have the time to make changes and update the site for FREE first year.

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Website packages

Do you want to set up a website to market your products and services? We can assist you in buying a domain name, designing and building your website and hosting it once completed.

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Search engines!!!! 

Do you wish you could see your website referenced by the leading search engines? Having your website listed on the first page of results when someone searches for your products or services is the most effective way to get the right visitors to your website.

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"I really appreciate all the hard work and dedication put in to
my website. I am appearing
top of the search engines.
Thanks again for your on-going support. I couldn't ask for any more.
Jamie Shore"
Website hosting

Only Rs.8000/= a year for small and medium websites. Please contact us for more details.

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About us

Helping small businesses create affordable websites

No job is too small & our entry level packages are truly affordable.



Welcome to your new website!

We have established this website to help showcase ways in which small businesses can create affordable websites. We offer web design which will include on-going search engine optimization. Prices start from Rs.18000 depending on the number of pages and the complexity of your site. We offer data based websites as well as button and other design elements.

We have worked with small and large companies, and over the years have discovered what works well on the web.

We specialize in start-up operations and are always on hand to add features and refresh the look and content of existing websites. We offer a web maintenance service from as little as Rs.1000 a month for busy clients that don't have the time to keep on top of website changes. We will monitor the use and appeal of your website and recommend improvements in simple language for your approval.

No job is too small and our entry level packages are truly affordable.

Our web design services will get you the results that you have been waiting for. Our websites are clean, clear and easy to use. This means that people will easily find what they are looking for and have a greater user experience. For your free no-obligation quote on your new website, please click here - we'll email back within 24 hours.

Web design that works

From our experience, we have four guiding principles followed throughout our website development:

Keep it simple - our experience proves that simplicity in web design can look amazing and help you to get the desired results.

Your sales copy has to grab your visitors' attention – we will work with you to tailor the content to suit your target audience.

Your website has to be attractive - fast loading, the right size, fit all screen resolutions.

It has to be easy to navigate - clean navigation, drop down menus; simple sites always produce better results.

Above all, it must be search engine friendly - the dilemma with search engines is that only the first one or two pages are ever viewed - after that people rapidly lose interest. Find out more

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Maintenance service


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